“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

About Thomas

I am Thomas Hofman, 19 years old. I’m a content creator specialised in travel and event photography based in The Netherlands. It all started when I got my first small camera at a young age already form my parents. But my first big camera I got from my internship supervisor. That was the moment I fall in love with photography.

I’ve always loved to travel around the world. All the amazing things around the globe inspired me to travel more. I was interested in every place I visited. Traveling provides an opportunity to explore new cultures, cuisines, landscapes, and activities. Experiencing something for the first time can be thrilling and enriching. Then I discovered the event side of content creation. Similar to travel, events offer the chance to create lasting memories. Whether it’s a milestone celebration or a unique experience, these moments can be cherished and remembered fondly. Connecting people and sharing the best memories throughout my camera is the best thing ever.


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